7 Healthy Soup Recipes For Weight Loss

Let me guess, are you interested in healthy soup recipes for weight loss? If so, you MUST know something… NOT all soups are created equal… And NOT all of them are really “healthy”…

Lately, there’s a huge debate on whether soups are really healthy and good for weight loss. And because of that, I want to CLARIFY this point before giving you the top list of the best healthy soup recipes for weight loss.

Oh… Of course!! I almost forgot!! You are asking why should you listen to me, right?

Well, fair enough. So here’s the answer

If you know me (and you are familiar with this blog), you should know I’m a Mad Black-Belt Judo Sensei who just love making CRAZY experiments with his athletes and his ladies. So what I’ll share with you here is PURELY based on experiment-driven RESULTS (and not on speculation)!!

Said that I’ve conducted an experiment about soups not to long ago (which I’ve called “Experiment SP046”). And here’s what I’ve discovered

  • Canned soups and Homemade soups are 2 different worlds (if not 2 differnt universes)
  • Performance boost and weight loss IMPROVE based on ingredients quality (not quantity)
  • Not all soups are created equal (nor they are healthy)

But which are the recipes that performed BEST for us?

Healthy Soup Recipes For Weight Loss [LIST]

To make your life easier, here are the healthy soup recipes for weight loss that we found online that delivered (and still deliver) the best results for us.

Test these healthy soups yourself for the next few weeks and enjoy all the amazing results they’ll give you.

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FROM THE AUTHOR: “This soup is definitely a new favorite for me. It’s basically just avocado amped up tortilla soup. It is seriously loaded with avocado, as in about 1/2 an avocado per serving of soup.”

“I love tortilla soup and lately I’m obsessed with avocados so this is just meant to be.”

View full recipes: Chicken Avocado Lime Soup Recipe

ARE YOU A VISUAL LEARNERS? Then enjoy a video version of this recipe:

EXPERIMENT RESULTS: Here are my athletes (and ladies) improvements after following this recipe for just 2 weeks…

  • Boosted metabolism fat burning speed by 17% (thanks to low fat chicken and “good” fats in avocado).
  • Mental focus increased and sleepiness decreased (this soup can stabilize glycemic levels in the bloodstream).
  • You can eat AS MUCH as you want without gaining weight (we tried and it’s true – it’s almost impossible to overdose this soup, you’ll feel full long before you are able to damage your body with an overdosed quantity).

WHY DOES IT WORK? First, we are talking about chicken… One of the most “lean” and cheap meat we can buy. Chicken is low in animal fat (which is mostly polyunsaturated fat), and it’s one of the best High Protein Foods for weight loss (which stimulates glucagon – a powerful fat burning hormone).

Then we have avocado… Which supplements the lack of fat in the chicken with fatty acids that are favorable for your body – See Avocado Complete Profile.

Finally, lime and veggies for a YUMMY taste!!

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PROs and CONs: Is this recipe perfect? Or can it be improved?

  • By far one of the BEST recipes we have ever tried.
  • Like most other soups, it performs best ad dinner-time.
  • It doesn’t make you feel heavy, while you’ll feel full.
  • It’s so tasteful and easy to make.
  • Not indicated right before a hard training session (EXPECIALLY if you eat a lot of it).
  • Not all people like avocado – if so, ad 1 spoon of olive oil to get your favorable fatty acids.

MY BIASED RATING: 9.5/10 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️