About Me

Hi, I’m Martin from healthyquickly.com (better known as THE MAD SENSEI) ?

I’m a Judo Black Belt Sensei who also happen to be a Computer Science Engineer (strange ahn) ?

Anyway, my love for martial arts made me become a teacher at a young age and “forced” me to take care of what I now call: My Guinea Pigs (cough… I mean… my dearly beloved athletes).

So, not far from THAT day (the day I worn a Black Belt around my waist for the first time), I decided to do my ABSOLUTE BEST to train my athletes and to give them a serious competitive advantage during competitions.

And so I studied… I studied ALOT…

Healthy nutrition and fitness were my obvious goal. In fact, leaving aside the tecnical aspect of any martial art teaching, I’m full aware of the mediocre consideration many teacher have about nutrition. Not to mention the scarce knowledge of the body itself and the exercises they want you to follow religiously.

And don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against religion. But, to me, it doesn’t seem to work well as a training method. Nothing more.

On the opposite, study and practice took me to a deeper understanding of how the body works. And how to develop a fully functional and optimized athlete-like body (cool isn’t?). But not just that…

Not long after, many women asked me if I could develop a program to help them design the same lean and elegant shape that I was able to offer to my athletes. And so I did OBVIOUSLY (I mean… many Guinea Pigs for me… muahahahahahah)

Again, after few months into the new “class” with my new ladies, the results were stunning (I’ll not bother you with numbers, promise). But I confess… those results were possible just because of my dark secret…

I’m a Computer Science Engineer!! And that translates into: I’m an obsession-driven person who just can’t get enough of dangerous experiments (well, not that dangerous BTW) ?

Useless to say that the nickname “THE MAD SENSEI” came from that.

So the mad scientist blood that runs through my veins, pushes me to perform what I love to call: Result-Driven Experiments (a very complicate name for a very easy concept).

The idea behind the concept simply state: THEORY sucks, RESULT rules!!

Ok theories are good and whatever. I mean… HELLO… I’m an engineer… I know it better that anyone else… BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT…

Theory without practice, is as useful as drinking distilled water!! Let me ask you out of curiosity… How many diet books have you read in your whole life?? How many of those books where full with fine-elaborated theories about the best/fastest way to make you drop 20lbs in 3 weeks?? And how many of those same books saved someone life (I mean, saved someone belly)??

It is my understanding that we are living in the FATTEST (not misspelled) era known to humankind. Still most of those diets were developed (in THEORY) by some of the most “brilliant” minds we have (hopefully NOT). BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT (again)…

From whatever angle you want to look at this… 1 simple truth arise…

You can ONLY trust results!! Period!!

Theory is for TESTING… is for EXPERIMENTS. Then, when all is said and done, the JUDGE arrives. And the JUDGE is (you guess) RESULTS.

This is the sole reason why, if you want to get a better body, a sexy shape, strong arms, supreme stamina, extra flexibility, a desease-free life, whatever… you need to join the Result-Driven Club!

Said that, there’s a lot of BAD and UNPROVEN advice given online, this is why I’m writing to you this.

I love to teach. To give a helping hand. This is what this blog is all about. To give you a SAFE way to follow. A PROVEN way to follow. A way that leads you to THAT healthy, toned and efficient body you can be proud of.

So if you really desire a better body but you feel like it’s an unreachable goal… be amazed at what you will discover here.

CRITICAL IMPORTANT: In case you missed it, I’m not telling you to trust ME. In fact, please DON’T do that. All you have to trust, are the RESULTS. So, again, feel free to join the Results-Driven Club, and THEN let the results speak for themselves.

Looking forward your success story!!

Martin (aka. THE MAD SENSEI)