19 Supreme Vegan Recipes For Dinner

Were you asking for a vegan recipes for dinner? Well… there you have it…

You know, sometimes, being a sensei (teacher) is really HARD. You have to train different people. And different people have different NEEDS.

My athletes love me taking care of their nutritional diets. They are so happy about that, and they are so happy about the positive results they are able to achieve (especially during competitions).

But unfortunatelly, there have always been 2 types of people I wasn’t able to satisfy at all…

  • The First Ones: People who have serious eating disorders (which I’m now working on)
  • The Second Ones: VEGANS!! (who always ask about quick and easy vegan dinner recipes).

✅ Speaking about the first ones… Feel free to read my post about Proven Tummy Tightening Foods to get tons of healthy foods which you can chose from design a fat burning metabolism.

About vegans, we’ve conducted an experiment. And here’s what we learned…

We understood that these vegan delicious meals are stunning for weight loss, for performance boosting and for an overall healthy life.

IMPORTANT: These vegan recipes for dinner were THE ONES that gave us the best results (especially the FIRST 3 on the list). Also, some of them are the easiest vegan recipes ever.

NOTE: Few of the original recipes are for vegetarians (not vegans). Said that, it’s as easy as changing some of the ingredients with the “vegan” equivalent (Ex. change milk with Almond milk, etc…).

Vegan Recipes For Dinner (LIST)

Here’s the list of vegan recipes fo dinner that performed BEST for us. And they’ll do the trick for you too, we believe.

These simple vegan meal ideas incldes: veggie loaf recipe, vegan cooked meals, vegan entrees (also included extra vegetarian supper dishes).

Finally some cool easy vegan dinners for two.



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FROM THE AUTHOR: “Lately I’ve been noticing that bowls are all the rage! It makes complete sense to me. They’re easy, portable, and generally delicious ways to build a complete meal.”

“I have to say, I really really like it! I consider it extremely different in both taste and texture from actual rice. I mean, it tastes like cauliflower.”

View Full Recipe: yupitsvegan

ARE YOU A VISUAL LEARNER? Reading is NOT for everyone. If you are a visual learner (like I am), here’s a video version of this recipe (one of the best healthy vegan recipes):

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