5 Essential Healthy Breakfast Tips For Easy Fat Burning

I was barely awake when I found a HUGE chocolate cake inside my fridge… and it was SOOO tempting!!

It happened this morning, at 6.50 AM.

I’m out of the bed and walking like a zombie towards the kitchen. I’m hungry. Sooo hungry. And I’m craving for my breakfast.

So I’m in front of the fridge. Slowly opening it. And, with no surprise, Mr. Cake was still right there. WAITING me… LOVING me… SEDUCING me…

Mr. Cake is the name I gave to a present a friend of mine made me. And it’s a giant chocolate cake that makes you drooling just by looking at it. It’s the most evil and tempting creature I have ever met. Still, it’s inside my fridge. I mean… You know… It’s still a present… How can I get rid of it?

Thankfully, I can still remember a little experiment I conducted 3 years ago with a group of women. And the result given by that experiment is the only thing that still keeps me safe from Mr. Cake temptation. I guess…


Here are the results after 2 months:

  • ~ 80% of the women lost 1/4 of fat tissue
  • 68% of the women lost most of the fat from around the waist area and the thighs
  • 23% of the women found relief from cronic joint pain and various conditions

Based on this experiment, here are the 5 essential tips I found out to work best to help you design a perfect healthy breakfast for easy fat burning and performance boosting. ENJOY!!

1GO SALTY (if it doesn’t make you vomit)

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CONFESS… You were about to leave this page now!!

You just read “Go Salty” and you though… “Nahhh… This is not for me… I’m gonna leave this post right now – I’ll never agree to leave my “sweet” breakfast for a “salty” breakfast… Not EVEN under torture”.

Well, I can totally understand your dipleasure (if this can be of any comfort for you). But don’t worry, all the other tips that follows are for “sweet” breakfasts only. So, if you can only live by “sweet” breakfasts, REJOICE, I’ve got you covered.

Anyway, there’s a reason why this is listed as “Tip #1”. So let me spend few words on the subject, as this is very INTERESTING stuff 😉

First, let me state this: In the experiment described above, the best results came from people who were following the “salty” breakfast. So almost ALL the subjects that took the “salty” breakfast were able to achieve those results (pretty much whithout following any of the other tips).

But How Is This Possible??

Well, the simple answer is… Hormonal Responses.

Statistically, MOST of all the foods you tipically see in a supermarket are foods with a high glygemic index. And, EVEN WORSE, almost 99.9% of the “sweet” foods you tipically buy for breakfast have an even higher glygemic index (biscuits, bread, jam… you name it). So, in simple words…

Everytime you eat one of these foods, the sugar in your blood RAISES drastically and very quickly. Obviously, your brain CANNOT resist those level of sugar in the blood, so the pancreas has to produce an extra dose of insulin. THAT extra insulin, believe it or not, is responsable for cronic weight gain, chronic diseases and chronic tiredness (too much chronic stuff, I know). So here’s the thing…

Do you want “sweet” breakfasts for life?? If so… your body will be subjected to dangerous cellular inflamations EACH and EVERY day (guess what, NOT COOL). So what to do?

Make Your Breakfast BECOME LIKE Your Dinner!!

Now, I’m NOT telling you to have soup and salad for breakfast (although you should), but at least try to have some lean meat with lots of high fiber veggies (or fruits if you prefer). Balancing macronutrients is THE KEY component for weight loss and for boosting your metabolism (more on this later).

So, If you want to claim the best from your breakfast, design it like you would design your dinner. Eliminate sweets and go “salty”. If you do this, and you BALANCE the macronutrients correctly, you can pretty much skip all the other tips. Test it for 3 Weeks and then let the results speak for themselves.

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